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Eclipse® Thermal Imager Gives Firefighters More Eyes on the Fire

Bullard is the first to offer firefighters a low-cost, personal-issue thermal imager

APRIL 22, 2009 – CYNTHIANA, KY – The Bullard Eclipse® is the fire service industry’s first low-cost, lightweight, ultra-small, personal-issue thermal imager designed for every firefighter. Designed by the leading thermal imaging manufacturer in the fire service market, the Bullard Eclipse provides firefighters with a personal- issue thermal imager to help navigate in and out of a burning building.

This ultra-small thermal imager, weighing 1.5 pounds, is ergonomically shaped to fit in the palm of a firefighter’s hand. The Eclipse features a super lightweight design, easy-push one button operation, quality imagery, and a 1000 degree dynamic range. “With the innovative design and technology of the Eclipse, firefighters can now be equipped with their own personal-issue thermal imager,” said Brad Harvey, Bullard Thermal Imaging Product Manager. “The Eclipse is small enough so firefighters can attach it to their gear and powerful enough to be their ‘eyes’ in a fire.”

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 114 firefighters lost their lives in 2008. Nearly 18 percent of those firefighters killed on a fire scene died because they became lost, trapped or caught in a structural fire. “The more ‘eyes’ in a fire decreases the likelihood of firefighters becoming disoriented,“ said Harvey. “The Eclipse offers firefighters a navigational tool that is affordable.”

The navigational function of the Eclipse paired with an advanced, lead thermal imager for analysis and investigation can help firefighters safely evaluate a scene by having multiple “eyes” in the fire. Bullard introduced its first firefighting thermal imager in 1998, and currently there are more than 30,000 Bullard Thermal Imagers in service worldwide.

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